1)  The vehicle manufacturer's retail price:

The price of the original equipment component from a franchise dealer. If the component is bought through a Franchise Dealer's parts department and sold at this price the garage would make 10-15% profit.

2)  The Aftermarket average retail price:

The average price for a professional trade quality component, on the Aftermarket. The price is an average and therefore there will  be components on the market at lower and higher prices, the aftermarket average retail price provides a practical benchmark.

If this component is bought from the Motor factor and sold at this price the usual profit margin for the garage is 25-35%*.
*On engine and gearboxes the profit margin is 10-15%.

3)  Original equipment part number

The vehicle manufacturer's part number, which is listed in the asp® guide is used to indicate the particular vehicle manufacturer's component against which the Aftermarket comparison is made.

4)  Remove and re-fit time

The time given for removing an old part and fitting a new one is shown as a percentage of an hour. For example one and a quarter hours is shown as 1.25.
A time charge table is given on the last page of the book to help calculate the charge for labour.
The time shown is generous to allow for the age and condition of the vehicle.

Example pages. The complete Alfa Romeo listing.
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Please note these prices are not current.

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