Mofacts Browser on CD-rom

To provide an important additional service

  • All the Mofacts articles (back to September 1998) are digitally organised and index linked for easy retrieval, bringing you all the Automotive News on your laptop or PC at the click of a button
  • Using the Mofacts Browser there is no longer the need to wade through past issues to find a particular article,  just key in an item and it will be located instantly
  • Search for people or companies to keep you up to date and informed, especially useful when attending meetings
  • Using the Browser enables you to search through the text in a specific year
  • Print out and save the articles of interest to read through later, useful if you just want to refresh your memory on a particular article before or during a meeting
  • The Browser will also store previous search criteria to save you time
  • Price £150.00 +VAT per year, This includes the normal hard copy or E-mailed monthly issues of Mofacts. For existing subscribers to Mofacts, the Mofacts Browser is available at an additional £50.00 +V.A.T. to your current subscription 

The Mofacts Browser will be mailed to you every 3 months and updated with the last 3 issues of Mofacts. You will also receive the usual monthly Mofacts report posted out or E-mailed to you 

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Please click here to down load a sample of the browser

Please remember this is a demonstration version only and contains articles from the June, July and August 2000 Issues. the full version of the Mofacts Browser will contain news articles back to September 1998.

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Price £150.00 +VAT per year, This is to include the normal hard copy or E-mail monthly issues of Mofacts.